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OpD2d - Direct to disk audio recorder

It all began long back .... Long Long ago ....

It was the period when Online Music Sharing was ruling the Internet ... major companies from Music industry started using DRM Codenamed: Digital Rights Management or Digital Restrictions Management in their albums to Copy-Protect (It is what a Mu$ic company says) or to kill Online Music Sharing.

Later DRM controlled and prevented copying or conversion of music by end users to other formats. Which made Music Companies $RICH$ as every user has to buy his own copy of a song inorder to listen it.

Then came the GEEK's (or HACKER's according to Music Industry and government's) with a temporary solution until they are able to crack the DRM. It can be called as "Get it when it enters the cave".

Whenever a Audio file is played in a PC the digital data in the Audio file is converted into Analog stuff in the sound card. Sound cards usually have digital-to-analog converters, that converts data in digital format to an analog signal which is sent to a speaker or headphone. This is how we can hear the MUSIC dude ....

Geek's did a trick by simply recording the output Analog signal from the sound card with a simple software program like OpD2d.

OpD2d (Direct to disk audio recorder) is a simple audio recording application with an odd old interface. It can be used to easily record anything that gets into your sound card and save it directly onto your hard disk.

It was originally written to make use of the Yamaha SW1000 XG soundcard's ability to record the digital audio it is playing. This is a really useful feature since I can simply record streaming audio from the Internet directly onto my hard disk, then burn it onto CD. This app supports all Windows based operating system's from Window98 to XP.

The present version 1.3 of OpD2d, even supports to save the recorded content directly into an MP3 file. And this software comes with a "FREE USAGE" tag. So why to waste time start using it


Better do a Google search with OpD2d as the download link may be a broken one ...