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Converting .djvu file to .pdf file

DjVu (pronounced déjà vu) is a computer file format designed primarily to store scanned images, especially those containing text and line drawings. Basically some of the ebooks and comics are present in this format.

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems as a represention for two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system. This is the most popular file format used for data and ebooks.

Since DjVu is not so popular as PDF I decided to share the cheap and best way to convert the DjVu format file into PDF format file.

1. Download & Install FreePDF which is used to print the documents as pdf files.

2. Download DjVu viewer namely windjview. It is a sourceforge project so it can be downloaded freely and it is a few kilo bytes file.

3. Now open the djvu file with windjview.

4. Choose "print" option and SELECT FreePDF as the PRINTER to print the file as PDF file.

So we successfully converted the djvu file into pdf freely and easily.

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  1. Nice stuff. downloaded what i thought was gonna be a pdf file. turned out to be a djvu, and it was my very first time seeeing that extension. thought it was some uncompleted file or something, was gonna delete it then i thought to check online and found djvu really existed. thanks for the help!


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