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Using GOOGLE as proxy to hide IP-Adress

NOTE (UPDATED on FEBRUARY 30th 2009): This trick seems to be no more fool proof as sites like tracemyip tracks down your exact IP-Adress even by using the Google Translation Service.

We know that GOOGLE has changed the way we access the web. It has simply became the stepping stone for any body who want to know information about anything in this world .. offcourse of universe too. It had wide variety of web based applications namely search, maps, gmail, gears, adsense, adwords, analyzers, language translators and many in its arsenal.

Now we can use one of the services of GOOGLE as proxy so that we can access the web anonymously without revealing our ipadress, location of our ISP. You might be wondering how our location is revealed out? Let us try out a simple experiment. Just visit the site

We can see that the site reveals my ISP ipadress as and my ISP location in a google map as Bangalore. If we further check out the site we can find out that the site has ecen information about our browser version, plugins installed, our screen resolution and many other things got revealed.
So how does GOOGLE service can be used a proxy? Let us check out the language translation service provided by the GOOGLE. You can get the link to this service if you type www.google.com and we can see a link to language tools or just click this link.


Once you click you are into that page we can see a option named "Translate a Webpage" with options to translate from one language to other. Note we cant translate same language to the same one i.e. for example from English to English. If we try to do it we get a GOOGLE ERROR.
Not let us try to access the site http://www.ip-adress.com/ asking GOOGLE translation service to convert the site from from French to English. Since nothing French is there in that site is simply displayed in English.
Strange it displays my ISP ip-adress as and its location as United States. If I check out the site further I found out that I am getting redirected via google server present at Mountain View, US which is acting as proxy to access the site http://www.ip-adress.com/.
So we can access the any site in this way without revealing our information much. Thats really cool trick to stay anonymous. But there is a problem by doing so as the images cannot seen properly by using this technique. But even if a site is bocked we can access its content in this way. I tried out this trick on one of the torrent sites that are blocked but I can still access its contents.


  1. It is very usefull

  2. what if I don't use ip-address.com for translation
    but instead use http://whatismyip.org

    how come, it still shows my real ip?

  3. Yeah you are right ......... seems http://whatismyip.org/ is able to track down the exact IP-ADRESS .....

    Thats really good find dude

  4. None of these methods are bullet proof. The reason why is that Google already has the IP address you searched from in the beginning. It only messes with the landing site visitor IP.

    If you want to know how to really hide your IP address from google, check out my website.

  5. I do agree that it is not bullet proof but you can still access the website and its contents without using any anonymizer software ........

  6. Yes it is doable. But if the goal is to hide your IP address from Google when preforming a search, the only way without using a IP switch software would be to use a web proxy. But if the goal is to hide the IP address only for the landing page, your method will work fine.

    Kudos for finding a uniqe method to hide IP addresses.

  7. It can be even helpful to trick the FIREWALL which blocks a particular site ... but we cant access sites like gmail or orkut since they are accessible under secured connection.

    This trick can be used on any system without the help of a proxy even ... for e.g. if your ISD blocks a particular site we can still have the view of that site when we try to access the site using Google Language translation

  8. Though we can use google translation service as proxy server but it does not hide our ip address, I checked with http://www.tracemyip.com/ through google translation service and got my real ip address shown to me.

    If http://www.tracemyip.com/ can find my real ip address while using google translation service then other sites may also be having scripts intelligent enough to capture the real ip address of their site visitors.

  9. Is http://tracemyip.com installing something on our machine to get to our real ip address?


  10. http://tracemyip.com does not install anything in your PC to track down your ip address but it is based on using the TCP/IP packets sent to the site to access the content in it.

    I am not sure exactly the way it tracks down.

  11. Of course your IP address will show up in the Tracer, especially if you doing it from a different window. Try putting the Site that does the tracing in the google translator. For example, put www.whatismyip.com in the translator box, then see what the page returns when it loads. This should tell you if you are blocking your address. However, what happens when you click on a link after it loads. It doesn't stay translated. This trick is only good to get to that one page.
    For example, when I need to access a site to download a file, the site is blocked as returns to the filter to be adult content. However I don't see any porn banners or anything like that.

    Yes using google like this is good, but only good for the one page you want to access that is blocked by a filter or you want to block your ip. Once you navagate by choosing a link, you defeat the purpose.. You will have to copy the link of the page you are viewing into a new translator again. This translation doesn't work with Myspace logins. Once logged in, the rest of the pages will not work and you end up being logged out again.


  12. Thank for your post. But in fact, hide ip using public proxy server list is not a good solution. Public proxy server list preferring for unblock websites. There are so many ublic proxy server list on the internet.


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