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TinTin E-Book collection

There are download links available below each and every Image of the TiTle book ... If any problem in seeing them please leave a comment .....

01. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets (1930)

02. Tintin in the Congo (1931)

03. Tintin in America (1932)

04. Cigars of the Pharaoh

05. The Blue Lotus (1936)

06. The Broken Ear

07. The Black Island (1938)

08. King Ottokar's Sceptre (1939)

09. The Crab with the Golden Claws (1941)

10. The Shooting Star (1942)

Checkout TinTin ebook collection part2 for the books from 11 to 20

Checkout TinTin ebook collection part3 for the remaining editions.


  1. wat de **** i gonna do wid dese pics u moron ???
    why cant u gve the pdf instead!

  2. Hey dude

    Get the appointment of an EYE doctor .....

    There are download links at the bottom of each image

    ....... wake up moron .....

  3. simply awesome! thanks!

  4. hey thanx a lot for the links,but i found a problem in the black island file of tintin as it does not open for me and tells me the root is missing.Keep up with the great work!

  5. I think it is fine dude .... I dont face any problems accessing it ....

  6. hey dude, thanks for sharing, I like tintin so much...

  7. Dear CodingFreak,

    when I was young, a tintin comics book costed Rs.15/- yet my father was not ready to buy me one as he thought it was a waste of money. I had to fall back on the limited resources of M.A.M.C. Library, Durgapur where I missed some editions, "The Blue Lotus' was one of them. From then till date at the age of 31 I yearn for a Tintin book and thankfully you have given me all the editions for me as well as to my child, dustu Spondon.
    Thank you very much. Honestly.

  8. hi codingfreak, awesome stuff dude... Do you have the colour version of the Tintin in the Congo? published by Egmont in 2005 i think?? please help.......

  9. tHANKS SO much bro!!!
    You're awesome to share this with all the tintin fans.

  10. plz I need the Colored-English version of Tintin in Congo published by Egmont in 2005 .!!!

    if you got please gimme the link.!


  11. its awesome! omg thank you soooooo much!:)

  12. Dear codingfreak,
    I read the colored version of Tintin in Congo in my school library and some others too.I was wondering that are all of these PDFs black and white or only the first 2 are?

  13. Only first 2 are black and white remaining are color version

  14. relly cool!! awesome.... my mom wont buy tintin 4 me... so... THANKS A LOT DUDE!!!!!

  15. thanks alot!! I was searching for couple of missing edition to no avail until now! Thank you so much :)

  16. COding freak-thanks to you on behalf of all of us who benefitted from this!!

  17. thanks very much coding freak for uploading Tintin books. These books are heftly priced in the market which is far from the reach of middle class book lovers. Due to your painstaking efforts, you have made be able to read this fantastic book without spending a penny. Thank you very much.

  18. thanks for the bookz


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